Ultrefiner II - AGBR

Ultrefiner II

For the Ultimate Drinking Water Solution, Choose the Ultrefiner II for Your Home

The Ultrefiner II is AGBR empowered by RainSoft’s premium drinking water system. Its multistage process can transform your kitchen tap into a source of exceptionally delicious, purified water.

Proudly Designed & Assembled

In The USA

When you have an Ultrefiner II system installed in your home

You’ll notice a dramatic difference in the flavor of your drinking water that also extends to beverages and soups that are prepared with it. This system is installed under the kitchen sink and uses three high-quality multistage filters to purify tap water and address virtually any drinking water concern. It’s available in a number of different configurations and offers potential cost-saving benefits when compared to other systems on the market. Your AGBR water consultant can help you select the system that best addresses your specific water quality concerns. Like all RainSoft water treatment systems, it’s Tested and Certified by independent experts and built to last a lifetime.

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