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AirMaster Ultra

Enjoy Clean, Fresh-Smelling Air in Every Room of Your House With an AirMaster Ultra System From AGBR

The AirMaster Ultra air purifier uses ultraviolet light and ozone technology to neutralize cooking and pet odors and kill airborne bacteria and molds.

Proudly Designed & Assembled

In The USA

EPA studies indicate that air quality inside the average home can be up to 40 times dirtier than the air outside

When you think about all the time your family spends indoors, doesn’t it make sense to give them the best air quality you can? The AirMaster Ultra system is designed to do just that, going beyond ordinary mechanical air filters to dramatically reduce airborne contaminants and household odors throughout your entire home. The system works using two safe and time-tested technologies: ultraviolet light and ozone. Like all AGBR products, this system is built to last, so your family will be breathing easier inside your home for many years to come when you have it installed. Contact the AGBR office to learn more about the AirMaster Ultra air purification system.

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