Our smart house water filter systems have the ability to produce gallons of cleansed water during its lifespan. This is because of the top class coconut activated carbon filter which lies inside those tanks. We have this as a  sure sign of quality. Another major feature is a sediment pre-filter which will remove all the large particles and debris from the water before it makes its way to the coconut filter. The pre-filter will have to be changed every 8-10 months which is also available with us. The size of the tanks varies and you can choose according to the requirement you have. This water filter removes all the  chlorine and chloramine that your water might have and will additionally remove herbicides, pesticides and VOCs. Enjoy healthy potable water by using our water filters.


There is no need to maintain and change the pre-filter for a long time.  It also removes odors and smells from water. Easy to install and has a long life and comes with a lifetime warranty.

We provide you with house water filter systems that are some of the popular filtering solutions, which are currently used throughout the world. You can be assured that they are effective and produce high quality potable water. Also, our water filters are

environmentally friendly to use, compared to other  water filtering systems. Our water filtration

 systems are ranked high and fairly priced in the industry.  Our water filtration systems remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine, lead, and heavy metals along with contaminants like chloramine, VOCs, pesticides, haloacetic acids. It also removes  bad odor, taste and controls the growth of bacteria.


The  innovative technology that we use to filter more contaminants out the water will guarantee you a lifetime warranty on all parts and pieces. It is a full fledged filter that combines effectiveness and longevity.Visit our website to know more.

Portable Water Treatment

Arabian Gulf Bio Remedies is one of the best potable water treatment companies in Bahrain. Our water systems are available in multiple configurations that are designed to fit your specific needs. Our wide range of hard treatment of water systems are designed and developed by some of the most popular companies in the sector, which assures you of quality and reliability.

 These filters are capable of softening and conditioning the water into potable water, which gives you fresh, clean drinking water at all times. These filters are highly robust, yet energy efficient, hence you do not have to worry about an increased electricity bill. We check all our systems for competence and ensure that they indeed operate at intended levels. We deal in high performance systems with the lowest life cycle costs for both residential and commercial use, thus ensuring potable water in all types of homes and business establishments.

water treatment plant


Despite over 70% of earth’s surface being covered by water, only a very small percentage is fit for human consumption. Apart from sea water, the rise in pollutants that are being fed into clean water sources such as lakes, rivers and other water bodies have significantly reduced the water available for daily use. This is why it is extremely important to invest in an optimal water treatment plant in order to have clean drinking water at your disposal at all times.

At Arabian Gulf Bio remedies we deal in a variety of specialized water treatment plants that are useful in all kinds of commercial and domestic uses. These state of the art equipment are capable of eliminating heavy metals, dissolved organic materials and other pollutants that might have infected your water.

Our inventory houses a variety of water treatment plants that offers optimal waste treatment options such as Ozone based cleaning, reverse osmosis, etc. From large, robust water treatment plants suitable for large scale water production needs to smaller, compact water treatment plants for domestic uses, we have them all. Get in touch with us today, to know more about our products and services.

Hard Water Treatment

Hard water is the results of water having dissolved minerals such as manganese, carbonates, magnesium, and calcium. This affects how the water behaves, and it also leaves scaled deposits of these minerals on the edge of the water retention systems, especially pipes, bath tubs, water heaters, etc. This can seriously hamper the operational efficiency of the plumbing and the water heating systems. Hard water also increases chances of skin infections and a series of other health problems due to prolonged use. 

 As one of the leading hard water treatment companies in Bahrain, we deal in a variety of water softening systems. We deal in a variety of models, which you can choose from, depending on your requirements. If you are unsure of what you need, our technicians will be happy to help you choose one that suits you best. We will make sure that you have access to clean potable water, irrespective of the hardness of the water.