treatment of water companies in Bahrain

Company Profile

Since 1998 Arabian Gulf Bio Remedies/ RainSoft (AGBR) has had one business and one business only providing the finest whole-house water and air treatment systems for families like yours. AGBR started in 1998 and has been growing fast and has now about 1000 satisfied customers.

It’s the only company on the island that is dedicated to provide the right water treatment solutions for you. No other business can meet those standards. Beside that AGBR is the only company In GCC that provide a limited life time warranty from the manufacturer.

AGBR is meeting customer expectation and demands with their products and is the number one leading softener company in Bahrain. With water softening products ranging from the water filtration system for your home and apartment we also provide treatment systems for factories, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. AGBR continually strives to provide the world finest water for homes and businesses alike.

Our products are from RainSoft which started it’s softener manufacturing in 1953 with one location in Bensenville, Illinois only. Today RainSoft, a division of Aquion Inc., is an international company with over 150 dealers in the United States alone and 20 other countries. The company headquarters are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.

RainSoft has been dedicated to producing “The World’s Finest Water Treatment” and superior customer satisfaction since day one. RainSoft has specialized in making good water better for more than half a century. Every product that they manufacture is assembled in the U.S.A., extensively tested by third parties, and protected by the industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Rainsoft is constant improving their product to meet the expectation and the demands of the customers all over the globe.

  • Dedicated laboratory, R&D and manufacturing facilities
  • Rigorous third party testing and certification programs
  • Exceptional dealer training and support network
  • Unsurpassed product warranties

With better quality water you can see, taste and feel, the quality difference is clear.